Vacation is good! - Netscape's yearbook

This site is dedicated to all the employees that used to work at Netscape, from Mosaic Communication Corporation to AOL.

1100+ signups as of Jan 2006. That works out to about a quarter of us. Netscape cool-aid was highly addictive.

Here is an editable list of people who used to work at Netscape, name conference rooms after prisons, projects after cheese, throw crazy parties, keep the parking lot busy after midnight. Add your entry here.

If you'd like to join LinkedIn Netscapers group, email ex-moz at

Comments, contributions are welcome, email Some things that would be nice to have: pictures, embarrassing pictures, essays, T-shirt art collection, famous internal old pages (scopus, w3, warp), interesting posts to bad-attitude.

Susie Wyshak gave us her diary from few of the early days: I truly delighted in the conference room names not realizing the one I'd reserved, Attica, signified a whole series named after prisons - Leavenworth, Sing Sing etc.

Jon Menkart has a new mozila portal.

Dave Titus has given us a neat collection of T-shirt art.

Any problems with this site, mail

Other interesting links:

jwz's photos from '94-'98. We look so young.
The mozilla museum
Creator of the Mozilla mascot, Dave Titus
NSCP stock price history
CodeRush is a PBS documentary about the 1998 effort to open-source mozilla. A must for mtoy's fans.
AOL Cheer/Cheese - Barksdale doing the A-O-L YMCA style at the acquisition all-hands.

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