NCSA Mosaic -- September 10, 1993 Demo

Welcome to NCSA Mosaic, an information browser developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. This document is an interactive hypermedia tour of Mosaic's capabilities.

Disclaimer: This tour assumes that you have good network connectivity, that you have properly installed Mosaic and appropriate external viewers, and that the various information servers (at NCSA and elsewhere) the document references are alive and functioning well.

Every time you see this icon: you can click on it to hear an audio clip narrating the current topic (if you have a workstation with appropriately configured audio hardware and software).

Welcome to Mosaic from Marc Andreessen at NCSA:


What is NCSA Mosaic?

What is global hypermedia?

Exemplary Applications

The best -- and most enjoyable -- way to learn what Mosaic can do is to view some of the exemplary global hypermedia applications on the Internet. These applications were developed by people all over the world and demonstrate the power and flexibility of advanced multimedia-capable desktop computers linked to high-speed reliable global networking.

The examples listed here are meant to be representative, not comprehensive.

U. S. High-Performance Computing and Communications

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Arts and Humanities -- Education and Research

Science, Technical, and Professional Information

Industry, Business, and Publishing

Other Prototypical Hypermedia Applications

Other Internet Information Resources

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jonm: "Personally, I have always enjoyed going back to the beginning and reading about the first times that Mosaic got yelled at for violating HTML ("

robm: I entertain myself at times with the fish picture. The demos no longer work, but it's still fun to read.

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